6 classic yet contemporary types of artisanal sarees by Sundari Silks for every occasion

Whether you are the bride, mother of the bride, a bridesmaid of even a wedding guest, Sundari Silks will leave you spoilt for choice!

Trendy lehengas or modish designer outfits may be all the rage, but there is something to be said about the timeless charm of traditional silk sarees. Wrapping yourself in the effortless grace of those 6 yards of fabric handmade with techniques that date back centuries, you cannot help but feel special!

Chennai and Mumbai-based Sundari Silks is your one-stop solution for all of your wedding and festive shopping, offering a diverse collection of Indian fabrics and craftsmanship for every occasion. From rich Kanchipuram silks and Tussar weaves to Banarasi brocades and more, their handcrafted repertoire of sarees has something for everyone. And if nothing from their large selection gives you that bridal moment, you can design your very own one-of-a-kind wedding saree with their team of experts! What more could you ask for?

Here are some of our very own favorites that should be on your wishlist this season.

Korvai Connections
Amp up your radiance with these striking contrast color Kanchipuram silk sarees with traditional Korvai borders for intimate pre-wedding rituals. These striking yet timeless pieces would be a great addition to your wardrobe, something you could reach for at any special occasion.

Jacquard Gems
Embrace the effortless grace and plush complexity of jacquard sarees for an elegant cocktail soiree or reception. An elegant, yet evocative choice for a minimalist bride, or for the wedding of a close friend or family member.

Boxed in Tradition
​Prints and patterns feel fondly familiar in your trousseau, invoking the warm nostalgic memory of your mom, aunts and grandma’s sarees, something you’ll always cherish.

Pages of Pastel Perfection
Opt for a modern interpretation of traditional silks in delicate florals and pastels for day occasions, romantic garden weddings and breezy beach ceremonies. A traditional style with a modern language, perfect for Indian bridesmaids.

Breathtaking Banarasi
The undeniable grandeur of Banarasi silks is a must-have for every bridal and wedding wardrobe, an heirloom piece of art you will cherish and one day pass on to younger generations. Explore a range of colors and patterns to find what matches your personality.

Paithani Chikankari
Why decide between two stunning styles of art when you can have both. Their unusual combination of rich Paithani silk borders and classic chikankari blend tradition with fashion in a uniquely gorgeous way, turning heads at any occasion.

Do It Up

About Do It Up

A personalised event decor firm that is based in Mumbai with the vision to create spaces that reflect the personality of the couple while paving the way for beautiful memories, Do It Up is one of the most renowned design brands in Mumbai. Started as an experiment during the pandemic in 2022, Do It Up with its dedicated team and keen sense of spotting emerging trends has thrived in the wedding industry. Specialising in customized event decor for all intimate and not-so-intimate celebrations in the city, their team leaves nothing to chance in their pursuit of perfection.

Since its inception three years ago, the decor company has helped celebrities like, Rhea Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Kiara Advani, Janhvi Kapoor, Malaika Arora, Aashna Shroff, Juhi Godambe and many more to host stunning events. Additionally, they have also been a decor partner for Yauatcha, Cin Cin of KA Hospitality, Donna Deli of Chrome Hospitality, Koko, Foo and Saltt Karjat. Moreover, Do It Up has also collaborated with beauty brands like Innisfree, SeeLove and Aroma Magic.
Seasoned in curating and customising a design story in tandem with your wedding vision, Do It Up’s highly versatile team ensures your wedding is the talk of the town.

Auspicious Wedding Dates for 2024

Planning your big day? Here’s a list of dates that will ensure that the heavens re aligned to bless you.

The coming together of a “happily ever after” is a long process, that’s full of preparations, beginning and ending with the most important detail of all–the wedding date, one that aligns with everyone you’d want to celebrate with.

While most couples today pick a day to suit their convenience, some do strive to ensure that their landmark moments align with auspicious dates and times. While we, at WeddingSutra, maintain a neutral stance on selecting a wedding day based on astrological predictions, we respect every individual’s choice and their family’s adherence to customs.

Here are the most auspicious dates in 2024 for traditional Hindu nuptials, as per Hindu calendars and almanacs.

Weekdays: 16th (Tuesday), 17th (Wednesday), 22nd (Monday), 30th (Tuesday), 31st (Wednesday)
Weekends: 20th (Saturday), 21st (Sunday), 27th (Saturday), 28th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 2nd (Friday), 5th (Monday), 6th (Tuesday), 7th (Wednesday), 8th (Thursday), 12th (Monday), 13th (Tuesday), 14th (Wednesday), 19th (Monday), 26th (Monday), 29th (Thursday)
Weekends: 4th (Sunday), 17th (Saturday), 18th (Sunday), 24th (Saturday), 25th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 1st (Friday), 4th (Monday), 5th (Tuesday), 6th (Wednesday), 7th (Thursday), 11th (Monday), 12th (Tuesday)
Weekends: 2nd (Saturday), 3rd (Sunday), 10th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 18th (Thursday), 19th (Friday), 22nd (Monday), 26th (Friday), 29th (Sunday)
Weekends: 20th (Saturday), 21st (Sunday), 28th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 9th (Thursday), 10th (Friday), 17th (Friday), 20th (Monday), 27th (Monday), 28th (Tuesday)
Weekends: 5th (Sunday), 11th (Saturday), 18th (Saturday), 19th (Sunday), 26th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 3rd (Monday), 12th (Wednesday), 13th (Thursday), 19th (Wednesday), 20th (Thursday), 28th (Friday)
Weekends: 2nd (Sunday), 16th (Sunday), 29th (Saturday), 30th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 3rd (Wednesday), 9th (Tuesday), 10th (Wednesday), 11th (Thursday), 12th (Friday), 15th (Monday), 16th (Tuesday), 17th (Wednesday),
Weekends: 13th (Saturday), 14th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 12th (Tuesday), 13th (Wednesday), 18th (Monday), 22nd (Friday), 25th (Monday), 26th (Tuesday), 28th (Thursday), 29th (Friday)
Weekends: 16th (Saturday), 17th (Sunday), 23rd (Saturday), 24th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 2nd (Monday), 4th (Wednesday), 5th (Thursday), 9th (Monday), 10th (Tuesday), 11th (Wednesday), 19th (Thursday)
Weekends: 14th (Saturday)

Disclaimer: While these dates have been compiled courtesy of inputs from various Hindu calendars from different communities, this is only an indicative list. Some of these dates may work across communities, while some may not. Some dates, considered auspicious in a few communities, might be missing from this list.

Inputs courtesy:
Drikpanchang.com, Prokerala.com, Pandit.com


The current Coronavirus crisis has seen small businesses and wedding vendors take a blow. Here’s how you can do your bit.

Pushing the date of your wedding ahead during these uncertain times is a tough decision to make. Especially when you’ve been looking forward to your big day for months or for years, probably. But in situations like these, it’s also important to consider the impact that not only you but also your wedding vendors are bearing.

In all likelihood, your wedding vendors which included but isn’t limited to planners, photographers, decorators, florists, and caterers also have a team dependent on them for their livelihood and a helping hand from you is probably all it would take for them to keep their businesses afloat a little more easily during these tough times.

Here are a few ways in which you can extend a helping hand to all those who promised to make your dream wedding come true:

Don’t cancel, reschedule:
The coming months are full of uncertainties but it’s essential that you put faith in your vendors and push the date ahead rather than canceling altogether. While you may have paid the deposit or a little more to your vendors, they, in turn, would have also made budget decisions on their end. Rescheduling your nuptials will not only save them from this monetary loss but it’ll also save you from searching for new vendors when the pandemic is over. Additionally, your continuing patronage will also be a symbol of your faith in them and spur your vendors to be more efficient on your big day.

Make your decisions now:
Staying behind closed doors may not have been on your list of things to do before the wedding but there’s a silver lining here too! Now is the time you can easily make all your pending decisions, be it decor, makeup, photography or something as simple as wedding favors and hone your planning skills to perfection. Update those Pinterest boards and bookmark inspirational stories on Saffron Wedding Styles that you find interesting and would love to include in your wedding to take your celebrations a notch higher than what you’d previously imagined.

Go local:
While many big chains might’ve closed shop for now, in distressing times like these, it’s the smaller businesses that are gasping for air. For these entrepreneurs, a little support from your end can go a long way.

During Lockdown:
You can easily utilize this time to shortlist the kind of dishes you’d want from your caterer or choose a floral color scheme by contacting your local florists. Now is the time to take full advantage of technology by sharing your ideas and thoughts with your vendors without stepping out of your home.

Post Lockdown:
Even a little support post lockdown from your end will ensure that the small businesses in your neighborhood survive after the crisis. Assign the decorations for your smaller functions, like, haldi or mehndi to your local florist. Additionally, you can also order desserts from a smaller bakery and food from a local catering service to help these smaller businesses get back on their feet. For wedding favors, opt for simple utilitarian gifts that have been sourced locally.

Spread positivity:
Sometimes, a few words of positivity can help a person in more ways than you can imagine. While you may not be able to help your vendors immediately for your own reasons, dropping in a few good words about them online will make sure their businesses have an opportunity to thrive once this distressing period has passed. Try and spread the word around in your friend circle or leave encouraging comments on their social media handles.

Support the DJs and musicians by sharing their playlists online, because what’s better than good music to keep others occupied during such times? Design a ‘change-the-date’ not only to support your invitation designers but to also spread the word about your plans.

Shortlist your vendors:
If you’re someone who plans to get married in the near future, then now is your time to do good and shortlist or book vendors who’ll be in most need of business once the pandemic ends. Use this time to brief them and get to know their style of work remotely. Remember, many of these ‘wed-preneurs’ are currently working from home and are now easily available for a quick chat to discuss ideas with you in a more in-depth manner.

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