Auspicious Wedding Dates for 2024

Planning your big day? Here’s a list of dates that will ensure that the heavens re aligned to bless you.

The coming together of a “happily ever after” is a long process, that’s full of preparations, beginning and ending with the most important detail of all–the wedding date, one that aligns with everyone you’d want to celebrate with.

While most couples today pick a day to suit their convenience, some do strive to ensure that their landmark moments align with auspicious dates and times. While we, at WeddingSutra, maintain a neutral stance on selecting a wedding day based on astrological predictions, we respect every individual’s choice and their family’s adherence to customs.

Here are the most auspicious dates in 2024 for traditional Hindu nuptials, as per Hindu calendars and almanacs.

Weekdays: 16th (Tuesday), 17th (Wednesday), 22nd (Monday), 30th (Tuesday), 31st (Wednesday)
Weekends: 20th (Saturday), 21st (Sunday), 27th (Saturday), 28th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 2nd (Friday), 5th (Monday), 6th (Tuesday), 7th (Wednesday), 8th (Thursday), 12th (Monday), 13th (Tuesday), 14th (Wednesday), 19th (Monday), 26th (Monday), 29th (Thursday)
Weekends: 4th (Sunday), 17th (Saturday), 18th (Sunday), 24th (Saturday), 25th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 1st (Friday), 4th (Monday), 5th (Tuesday), 6th (Wednesday), 7th (Thursday), 11th (Monday), 12th (Tuesday)
Weekends: 2nd (Saturday), 3rd (Sunday), 10th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 18th (Thursday), 19th (Friday), 22nd (Monday), 26th (Friday), 29th (Sunday)
Weekends: 20th (Saturday), 21st (Sunday), 28th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 9th (Thursday), 10th (Friday), 17th (Friday), 20th (Monday), 27th (Monday), 28th (Tuesday)
Weekends: 5th (Sunday), 11th (Saturday), 18th (Saturday), 19th (Sunday), 26th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 3rd (Monday), 12th (Wednesday), 13th (Thursday), 19th (Wednesday), 20th (Thursday), 28th (Friday)
Weekends: 2nd (Sunday), 16th (Sunday), 29th (Saturday), 30th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 3rd (Wednesday), 9th (Tuesday), 10th (Wednesday), 11th (Thursday), 12th (Friday), 15th (Monday), 16th (Tuesday), 17th (Wednesday),
Weekends: 13th (Saturday), 14th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 12th (Tuesday), 13th (Wednesday), 18th (Monday), 22nd (Friday), 25th (Monday), 26th (Tuesday), 28th (Thursday), 29th (Friday)
Weekends: 16th (Saturday), 17th (Sunday), 23rd (Saturday), 24th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 2nd (Monday), 4th (Wednesday), 5th (Thursday), 9th (Monday), 10th (Tuesday), 11th (Wednesday), 19th (Thursday)
Weekends: 14th (Saturday)

Disclaimer: While these dates have been compiled courtesy of inputs from various Hindu calendars from different communities, this is only an indicative list. Some of these dates may work across communities, while some may not. Some dates, considered auspicious in a few communities, might be missing from this list.

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